At last … superduperfabulous action goes public

Years back, when Digiridoo Scraps still existed and I headed the designer mentoring program, I developed an action to help the apprentices fix quality issues in their elements. They raved about it and soon, I made the action available to all of our designers. They raved about it too …

Digiridoo Scraps closed, I got busy otherwise and the action lay dormant on a hard disk. Until a former Digiridoo Scraps designer contacted me about it and asked if it was for sale somewhere. This got me thinking and I asked around. It turned out that all designers who had that action were still raving about it. In fact, here’s some of the things they had to say …

“This action is just fabulous”
“This is my most used action”
“I’ve been using this action ever since you developed it and didn’t think you could improve on it, but you did”
“This action is the only one that I keep loaded in PS, I use this action every day”
“You created the most awesome action I use!”
“My most used action, can’t live without it”

As I’m not currently selling digiscrap related products I contacted Lou of LouCee Creations, who sells CU products (and nice ones too, if I may add) at SugarHillco and asked if she’d be interested in an exclusive license to sell the action. She said yes and the rest is history, as they say.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to announce the arrival of Wilma’s Fix Jaggies & Smoothen action for Photoshop!



The action will help you fix quality issues such as:

  • unwanted shadows
  • jagged and rough edges
  • stray pixels

and it does so really really fast!

You can’t really show what this action does in a preview, you’ll have to work with it to understand its power.

It’s on sale right now on the occastion of iNSD … what a great opportunity to add this action to your designer toolbox. It’ll soon become your to-go-to action, you’ll see!