You can still make a wish :-)

I'll randomly draw 2 lucky winners from those of you who added a product from my store to their wishlist. Drawing will be done tomorrow, 17 March, around 2 pm (that's Central European time – 10 hours behind Australia, 6-9 hours ahead of the USA) and will send out a coupon code to the lucky winners!

Wishing you luck!


Do You Feel Lucky?


Will the luck of the Irish smile upon you on St. Patrick's Day? Enter the contest and find out! Here's how it works:

1. Visit my store at Digiridoo Scraps.

2. Log in (or register if you're not already registered).

3. Add any item you wish from my store to your wishlist.

On St. Patrick's Day – 17 March 2011 – I will randomly pick 2 people and grant them one wish. You could be the lucky one!

Contest valid only for items in digidesigned byWilma's store at Digiridoo Scraps. In the event a person has more than 1 item on the wishlist, I will randomly pick a product. Random selection done using

A word to the filesharers out there ….

You SUCK! You suck big time!I know very well you couldn't give a toss what everyone else – and in particular people who put up their freebies for other people to enjoy – thinks of you and of your file sharing.

It's pretty amazing how my recent Valentine blogtrain freebie was up on several file sharing sites (mostly Russian, Turkish or other areas in that region) within a couple of hours of me posting it. The reason for downloading a freebie (a FREEBIE for goodness sake – it's free to download from my blog) and uploading it elsewhere for download escapes me. And I mean totally. You probably get points or something for every time someone else downloads the file you stole from me. Yep … you stole it. My freebies are MINE to share, not yours.

I offer my freebies for those lovely digiscrappers out there for them to use it in their personal LO's. I specifically ask them to not share these freebies, or upload them elsewhere, but instead to direct anyone who would also like those freebies to my blog. I even mention in my TOU that when the download is no longer available, that just sending me a mail will usually result in me sending you the download link, even if the freebie can no longer be downloaded from my blog. You're not only stealing my freebies, you're also stealing traffic to my site. But I know you couldn't give a toss.

What bothers me even more, is that you spoil it for the many many honest people out there because I will no longer make freebies available on my blog. I'll find another way to share them with the people who genuinely appreciate them. I know this will in no way guarantee that my freebies will no longer be shared, but I'll have the pleasure to send download links personally to people who ask and thank them while I'm at it!

Again, you suck! And you suck BIG TIME!

Feel the LOOOOOOVE …. Valentine Blog Train

Welcome to Digiridoo's blog train for Valentine's Day. We had an awesome swatch to work with and there is a bunch of beautiful work all along the train ride. You are at stop number 5, Digidesigned byWilma (yep, that's me).

Download HERE (sorry – link expired)

Oh and please …. do not share this freebie anywhere else! thank you! We found previous freebies uploaded on all kinds of file sharing sites. You know what? That's stealing really, even though they are freebies! And not OK! Feel free to send people to my blog if you think they'd like this freebie also. If you find the download link is no longer available on my blog, just send me a mail 🙂

That was a note especially for those people who think it is okay to scour the web for freebies and to upload those freebies somewhere else … To all of you lovely digiscrappers out there who land on my blog: ENJOY and HAPPY SCRAPPING! and please send me a mail if you would still like this freebie after the download link has expired.

I thank you for stopping by and hope you are enjoying your time on the train. Your next stop is stop 6, Little Welsh Girl Designs. Happy trails!

In case you've lost track of the stops, here's the list of all of them. You can hop on the train at any stop. As our designers are spread all over the world you may find a stop has not yet been posted. In that case, hop on to the next one and check back later.

And thank you for leaving your comment! It's always nice to hear from you and appreciated!!

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Queen Love-A-Lot contest

Posted on 02 February 2011 | Edit


I LOVE a good contest and this one looks like great fun! I'm already looking forward to see what'll be happening in the chatter thread … hmmmm!


Charity Kit: Queensland Flood Relief

Charity kit: Queensland flood relief


Please consider buying this kit and support those affected by the floods in Queensland. Thank you!


Designer Call at Digiridoo Scraps

Yes, we're looking for some new team members! It's a fabulous team too and you'll be feeling at home with us straight away 🙂 Get that application in!


Last Chance to Buy this Charity Kit …

Charity kit – May There Always Be Sunshine


A lovely charity kit for a lovely little girl … it'll retire on 31 January so get it while you can!

Happy Australia Day Blog Train

Hi there! Welcome to this stop (stop no. 4) of the Digiridoo Scraps Australia Day blog train. We hope you're having a great time and enjoying the freebies we have made for you!

Here's my contribution to the blog train. Don't you just love the color scheme we used? The colors remind me of a sunset in the Australian outback … It's the same color scheme as our February Challenges participation prizes so if you want to have even more goodies in these colors, come and have a look around in the Corroborree Centre in February and join in a challenge or 2.

And don't forget to check the Digiridoo Scraps store: you'll be sure to find a good bargain for Australia Day!

HappyAusDay_Prev600Download HERE (Sorry, link expired)

Thank you for stopping by! Your next stop is no. 5, Key of D Designs' blog.

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… Blog Train Coming Your Way …

watch this space for Digiridoo Scraps' Australia Day blog train!