Spring is finally here and so is another digital scrapbooking freebie!

The winter lasted and lasted and we even had a bit of snow again last week but it looks like spring has finally arrived! With all the rainy days we’ve had, I had plenty of time to come up with a spring freebie for you. You will see we’ve had lots and lots of rainy days as it’s a big freebie! You can download it in 3 parts: papers, elements and alpha. In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy it and happy digiscrapping!

Digiscrap Freebie_SpringThing_digidesignedbyWilma

The Alpha: comes in 3 colors and has the full alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks.

Digital Scrapbooking Freebie Spring Thing byWilma AlphaDownload HERE (link available until end July 2016)

The Elements: over a 100 of them …..

Digital scrapbooking freebie - Spring Thing byWilma - ElementsDownload HERE (link available until end July 2016)

The Papers: 30 of them

Digital Scrapbooking freebie byWilma - PapersDownload HERE (link available until end July 2016)





Rainy day inspiration for a freebie minikit

Yesterday the skies were grey all day and it rained most of the time. Although there was no client work to be done, the weather didn’t really invite to go outside so I opened up Photoshop and created a little digiscrap minikit freebie for you … Even though the colors aren’t exactly cheerful, creating the minikit cheered me up. I hope it’ll make you happy also 🙂 Enjoy and happy digiscrapping!

And thank you to all who left me a little message after downloading my previous Easter paper pack, your comments are much appreciated!

Freebie_GreySkies_byWilmaDownload here (link expired)

Freebie – digital paper pack Easter goodie


Happy Easter digiscrappers! Here’s a freebie paper pack for you as an Easter goodie. Perfect for use in your digital scrapbooking projects, paper crafting, etc. Enjoy!

Freebie_Easter2016_byWilma_Prev600(download link expired on 22 April 2016)

By special request: St Patrick’s Day freebie reuploaded

Several of you have asked me to make the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day freebie minikit available for download again. Since I didn’t have a chance to do a 2016 version, I’m happy to comply 🙂 So, for your St. Patrick’s Day digiscrapping pleasure, here is the link again. Enjoy!

Freebie_StPatDay_byWilmaDownload here (link expired on 31 March 2016)

With All My Heart – Happy Valentine’s Day freebie

Roses are red and violets are blue … and here’s a Valentine’s Day freebie for you! Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy!
The download links for this freebie expired on 20 February 2016. Thank you to all who left a comment, it is much appreciated!


WithAllMyHeart__byWilma_Prev-600Download expired

WithAllMyHeart__byWima_Papers-600Download expired

WithAllMyHeart__byWilma_Alphas-600Download expired


Freebie – St. Patrick’s Day minikit


Hello digiscrappers! Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Then perhaps you will like this freebie minikit in the colors of the Irish flag, a.k.a. the Tricolor. With its 6 papers (3 patterned and 3 solids) and some 50 elements, you’re good to go for some fun layouts!

The colors of the Irish flag are symbolic: the green represents the Gaelic tradition of Ireland, the orange represents the followers of William of Orange in Ireland and the white represents the aspiration for peace between them. They’re still working on it …

Enjoy! and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Download here (link expired)


Freebie – decorative elements # 2

Well, my last doily freebie was a big hit, so I thought I’d post some more for you! Here are 2 more doilies + 4 decorative strips. Variations on a theme, really. They’re shown at about 50% of actual size on the preview. Personal use only, please. Enjoy!


Download here (link expired)

Freebie – minikit in US Marines color palette

Last week I asked my facebook fans what kind of freebies they would be interested in or would like. Judy asked for something in a US Marines color palette as she couldn’t find a kit in the right colors to do a wedding layout. Now I don’t know anything about the military in general and even less about the US Marine Corps (but I looked up their dress uniform and came up with this kit). I wasn’t totally sure about the colors, but when I posted the picture, Judy was over the moon. Which makes me happy, it’s nice to give 🙂 This freebie will be available for download for a week. Enjoy!

Freebie_ForJudy_byWilma_PreviewDownload here (link expired)

Freebie – Paper Doilies

And here’s another freebie for you, ladies and gentlemen …. a variety pack of 8 paper doilies. They have a papery texture, but you can easily recolor them or use them as clipping masks. The download link will be up for a limited time only, so download while you can. Enjoy!

Doilies_byWilma_PreviewDownload here Link Expired

Facebook Freebie

Hop on over to my Facebook page – I posted a new freebie (sorry, download link has expired) …. a set of 15 decorative strips, in a larger and a smaller version (the smaller version is shown on the preview). Play with them as you want … color them, apply a pattern, use them as a clipping mask on your favorite background paper, apply a style …. use them however your creativity tells you … (download link has expired)