Freebie – Arrow words … Awesome Add-on

Well, your inspiration for words sure got me going! Thank you Lou, Terri, Pam and Sherri for your input! Here’s the add-on:

Download the add-on HERE (sorry, no longer available)

  • some 50 additional words (told you your inspiration got me going)
  • large black versions of all words that you can style and resize however you like
  • arrow parts so you can make your own words with any font you like
  • the font I used is “Carried Away” (how appropriate!) by Emily Spadoni at Creative Market

I had great fun making these words and loved your input! Do leave me a comment or send me a mail if there’s something you’d like to see as a freebie, a special color palette, etc. I may just take up the challenge … 

Freebie – Arrow words and Photoshop layer styles to recolor them

Hi all! I was playing around a bit in Photoshop today and came up with these 10 arrow words. There is also a set of styles (.asl file) to recolor them, to make them match whatever color your layout is. Note: this .asl file can only be used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements! If you’re not sure how to install styles in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, check out this tutorial at the Lilypad. 

If you are interested, I’ll do a second set of words, just leave me a comment with the word you’d like to be included in this 2nd set and I’ll do the first 10-15 or so.

Si tu veux, laisse moi un commentaire avec le (ou quelques) mot(s) que tu voudrais voir en mot flèche et je l’inclut dans le add-on a venir bientôt.

OOPSIE! Forgot to include the link to this post in my email … sorry! If you read this, you found it anyway!

Download the words HERE (sorry, no longer available)

Here’s a preview of the colors that are included in the layer styles. There’s 4 versions of each color: a simple color change, color+shadow, color+extra stroke, color+extra stroke+shadow. Take your pick! No worries if the color you want isn’t included, it is easy to change the color in a style. You can also change the stroke size if you want, or play around with the shadow settings. I love layer styles just because of that: you can change them to your liking. 

Valentine’s Day freebie

Hello all … Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I thought it would be nice to create a freebie around this theme. It’ll be no surprise that there is a lot of “love” in this kit as well as hearts …

Pour les digiscrappeuses francophones j’ai inclut quelques cartes en français et tu peux aussi télécharger la “feuille de découpage” des mots en français ici. (lien expiré). 

Enjoy, happy scrapping and a happy Valentine’s Day – Joyeux Saint Valentin!

The elements:

Download the elements HERE (link expired)

The papers:

Download the papers HERE (link expired)

The journaling cards (y inclus quelques cartes en Français):

Download the journaling cards HERE (link expired)

The alphas:

Download the alphas HERE (link expired)

The words “decoupage sheet” in English is included in the elements download. Il y a aussi une “feuille de découpage” en Français, le lien de téléchargement est ici (lien expiré) .

And because I think it’s nice to give credit, here’s a little shoutout to those digiscrap designers some of whose products I’ve used to create this Valentine kit for you: Miss Tiina, LouCee Creations, KimB, Amber Shaw and Vero, all at Sugarhillco as well as Mommyish, Just Jaimee and Kristin Aagard at The Lilypad

Freebie pour les digiscrappeuses francophones

Et voila une petite quelque chose, spécialement pour les digiscrappeuses francophones …. En attendant que je finisse le prochain freebie, voici déja une “feuille de découpage” avec des mots relatifs au Saint Valentin, en 3 couleurs.  C’est super facile de sélectionner et de “découper” les mots/couleur que tu veux avec les outils de sélection dans le logiciel que tu utilises. L’image ci-dessous vous donne aussi déja les couleurs du prochain freebie.

A vos ciseaux digitaux!

Telechargez ICI (lien expiré)

Digital Scrapbooking Studio – Next Designer Contest 2016

I just barely made it into voting round 3 as I was a couple of hours late posting my submission, but a fairy godmother turned back the clock a little and my submission was entered anyway.  The contest is fun, even though the schedule is quite tight. I guess that’s why it’s a contest eh!

You’ll find the download links (download links expired) in The Studio gallery, the images below are linked, just click on them. And while you’re there: if you like what you see and download, please consider voting for me HERE! Thank you!

Here’s what I submitted for round 2, an element pack:



and here’s my submission for round 3, a selection of alphas. I like doing alphas.


Also check out my post on round 1, the paper pack.