about me

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!

A Dutch woman, I live Switzerland with my (Northern) Irish husband and our cat Jerry Bushytail. We live in the Vaud province, near Nyon, a lovely little town on Lake Geneva. In our part of Switzerland, French is the main language, one of the 4 official languages in Switzerland (the other ones being (Swiss) German, Italian and Romansh. We also try and travel a couple of times a year to Belfast, my husband’s hometown, to keep up with family and friends and “have a bit of craic” …

I’ve been digiscrapping since around 2007 although I quickly found that I didn’t really have a flair for layouts, but I did very much enjoy pushing pixels around and make kits. I’ve sold in several shops and loved it, especially the contact with forum members and customers and of course the other designers. Even though the last shop I was affiliated with closed its doors, many of the designers who worked at Digiridoo Scraps, or the ‘Roo as we called it, are still in touch with each other. That’s powerful!

I quit being a digiscrap designer a couple of years ago when my freelancing activities started to pick up. I’m self-employed and active in many areas. If I would have to give my acivities an official title, concierge services would come closest, but there’s also admin services, PA services, design services, etc.

So that’s why – if you had a look around on my website – you’ll find that the regular posts stopped a couple of years back. It’s because I got sidetracked. My clients are still keeping me busy, but I miss pushing pixels around. As I write these words, I am not sure at all yet what I’ll do, how I’ll do it or where it’ll take me. We’ll see.

But for now, creating freebies for you from time to time gives me great pleasure!

I hope we’ll cross paths!

P.S.: if you’d like to contact me: mijn moedertaal is Nederlands, I speak English as second mother tongue, je me débrouille pas mal en Français und ich verstehe ziemlich gut Deutsch!