Thinking of Dutch licorice made me want to share this alpha freebie …

Hi all! It’s Sunday afternoon, the skies are blue but there’s a fierce wind outside and going outside is not appealing. I was “link-hopping” on the internet and came across a site with Dutch candy. More specifically, candy of the licorice variety, or “drop”, as we know it. The Dutch like their licorice, especially the salty kind. It’s an acquired taste I guess, but it’s one of the things that I long for from time to time, even though we have been living in Switzerland for a long time now. Apparently the Dutch are the number 1 consumers of salty licorice in the world and I’m sure that’s true. I’ve stopped ordering it online because every time the postman brought the goodies in, I couldn’t help myself but scoffing it all down in just about one go.

zwart witjes

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Looking at the picture of these black & white candies, I remembered I had some cute black & white alpha buttons on my hard disk and thought it would be nice to upload them. After all, it was Digital Scrapbooking Day yesterday. Enjoy!

freebie_tinyalpha_bywilmaDownload HERE


  1. Thank you, Wilma. We lived in the Netherlands for four years and very quickly acquired a love for salty licorice and Wilhelmina Mints. 🙂 The alpha is great! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for your comment Carol! It’s nice to hear that it’s not just the Dutch who have “weird” tastes 🙂

  2. sherry pennington says:

    Thanks for the cute alpha !! I love Dutch licorice……and yes it is an acquired taste.

  3. Crystalnva says:

    Great alpha THANK YOU 🙂 …… I could eat a bag of Cherry Licorice today cause I gotta craving to digi scrap and thats what I chew on ….yum…

  4. Thank you Wilma, these remind me of the keys on the old manual typewriter that I learned to type on. Marie H.

  5. Thank You 🙂


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